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Stone Chip/Carpet Floors

A scatter of small naturally rounded stones, depending on preference these can be between 2-3mm or 0.8-1.2mm, is laid on your existing floor be it screed, tiles or cement. The floor results in a unique, robust, non-slip and seamless floor ready to marvel those that gaze upon it.


The application of these floors can be finished as porous (ideal for exterior applications where drainage is favourable) or sealed (indoor or applications where drainage is not advantageous). The application layer is between 4mm to 6mm.

These low maintenance quartz carpets are a great option for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The natural stone has great thermal properties that bring along a slice of nature into your space.

A stone chip floor is a process where a range of stones (aggregate) of various available sizes and colours are mixed with a colour cement, this creates a unique combination of colours which undergoes a grinding process to expose the aggregate and is sealed to maintain the beautiful exposed colours.


  • A variety of colours to choose from

  • For internal and external flooring

  • Texture, appearance and colour is unique with each application

  • Low maintenance

  • Can be used in kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms, counter tops, vanities, stairs and floors

  • Porous or non porous

  • Natural eco-friendly solution

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